hifiloudspeakers.info is a site which has three main goals. These are:

  1. to produce a site in which information about KEF speaker drive units, cabinets, crossovers, and complete speaker systems may be made available to fellow enthusiasts. The particular emphasis of the site is the period from the late 1960s through into the early 1980s;

  2. to provide a forum facility (SpeakerTalk Forum) which may be used by anyone with an interest in speakers (particularly KEF speakers from the late 60s,70s and early 80s);

  3. to facilitate the continued use of KEF speakers, drive units, crossovers and other items which are surplus to requirements. Anyone can advertise their speakers in the SpeakerTalk Forum connected with this site. The owner of the site does not advertise or sell speakers or speaker parts for sale.

Individuals who can contribute information, including data and photographs are encouraged to email me so that the information more widely available through publication on this ste. I will be delighted to be provided with information or to help in any way.

This site has no connection with and no commercial interest in KEF Audio.