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This forum has been set up to facilitate discussion of 1970s KEF speakers and drive units. The owner of the Forum has no connection with KEF Audio.
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KEF 103.2

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2014 7:20 pm    Post subject: KEF 103.2 Reply with quote

Hello every one, I recently just brought a pair of 103.2's and I have to say.... What an absolute gem of a speaker this is!

So here are my initial impressions and a little background.

I also own a very good set of 104aB's and some Reference Model One's which need a bit of work (The B160 needs re-foaming)

The 104aB has been my main speaker for the past 2/3 years roughly, previous to that were some Naim Credo's which replaced some B&W's I had for a veerryy long time.

As much as I loved the 104aB for me I always found it a bit picky on what I played on them. Very quick to reveal any harshness in the recording. So I put it in my little project studio where they seem to be better suited.

So here comes 103.2

I wasn't sure at first... First up cos the T33 tweeter, yet I later learned it's not ferro fluid cooled so no gunk to worry about then about it being quite a small closed box... Because you see I do like my low end.

So first impressions? WOW I'm in the music!

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio's Midnight Sugar sounds simply divine.. I'm not listening any individual drive unit but the music as a whole.. Also the imaging is scary compared to any of the other speakers I had in the past.
Bass is tight as I expected of a closed box speaker but also extended enough for my taste which was a pleasant surprise. Also being a closed box, no ugly port resonance or peaks hurraaa

All the CD's I seem to throw at them seems to sound good from jazz to rock, folk, classical and some dance.

Now the only disappointing part is my vinyl records don't seem to have the same effect through them...The music seems to loose that "lifelike" quality I got with playing CD's but at the same time they also don't sound as nice with records as the 104aB's did..

So err yes that's my take at the moment on the 103.2, any one else here with a pair? The 103.2 seems to be a bit of a forgotten speaker in KEF's history imo
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