KEF Audio - The most important link first

LS3/5a Unofficial support site

Roger's LS3/5a brochure and other info on Mark's Pages

Transmission Line Speakers - Dave Dlugos site - Probably the number one 'speaker site' on the web.

Some non-KEF speakers which used KEF drive units

Harbeth and the LS3/5a

John Smith's site - special interest LS3/5a

Some KEF crossover circuits

Favourite links

Wilmslow Audio

Linn History files including information about Linn Kan and Linn Isobarik

IMF Electronics Speakers

Falcon Acoustics - a wonderful resource that appears to have never ending 'layers' of historical gems of information.

Some information about Linn Kan and Linn Isobarik at Pink Fish Media

Linn Isobariks field guide includes information about Linn Kan and Linn Isobarik

Linn Isobariks FAQs

B139 in John Coulson's system

Triode Dick's Page

Carl Jones' Spendor Yahoo Group

Tech-DIY including Daline, Daline+110, Pro9-TL (Wilmslow), State of the Art Transmission Line (Atkinson), Practical Subwoofer Design.

Graham Hartle's JR149 site

BBC Brochure - information about LS range

BBC Brochure - Spendor

Both from Paul Whatton's site

Audiojumble - Great annual event for the audio enthusiast - currently held in Tonbridge, Kent, UK