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Where can I buy new B110s and T27s?

These drive units are no longer made by KEF but apparently they are still obtainable from which is owned and operated by veteran audio distributor Rocelco Inc. of Concord, Ontario, Canada.

There are various stories about who now owns the original KEF production equipment for the B110s but as far as I know nobody is actually producing B110s for sale even though the equipment is reputedly still available for use.

As from Oct 2010 Falcon Acoustics will be producing and selling the Falcon F B110 which is a KEF B110 replacement. Designed by Malcolm Jones, the original KEF B110 designer. First release in the Falcon Loudspeakers range. Exact replacement for KEF B110 SP1003. Hand built in Great Britain. Sold in pairs.

The excellent LS3/5a website may be over-optimistic in its claim that spare parts for LS3/5as (which include B110s) may be available for anyone from Stirling Broadcast or Richard Allan - but it is maybe worth a try.

eBay is of course also a potential source of drive units. Various eBay links are available including::
eBay UK
eBay US


Where can I buy new B139s, BD139s, B200s, B300s, T52s and T33s?

These drive units are no longer made by KEF and to my knowledge are not available new anywhere.

eBay is of course also a potential source of drive units. Various eBay links are available including::
eBay UK
eBay US


I have a damaged drive unit in one of my LS3/5a. What should I do?

Repairing B110s is possible but there is always the danger that it could change the 'character' of the drive unit.

It is worth registering for the specialist LS3/5a website website and getting opinions there. Much has been written by members of that group about this very issue and so it is a great resource for people like you who have LS3.5as and need a repair done.

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