Speakers and Drive Units

Some of the speakers and drive units which form the main focus of this site are illustrated here. For more details about KEF units from the late 1960s to the early 1980s along with technical details and more pictures see the technical area of the site. My personal speakers are also illustrated within the technical area.



Other Classic Speakers

Details for other Classic speakers which used KEF drive units, but which were produced by other manufacturers, will included be here. These include:

Linn Isobarik

Linn Kan

BBC LS3/5 and LS3/5a




Enthusiasts contributions

I will publish photographs sent to me of any KEF speakers and drive units or any diy projects which use KEF drive units. Please email photographs to enquiries. I will also publish any articles which have been written by fellow enthusiasts. Full online credits will be given to authors, photographers, owners.

Except for the items in the designated Forum area none of the items on this site are being advertised for sale. This is a site designed by an enthusiast for fellow enthusiasts. It has no commercial aspirations.