Sintronic SP 400 Indirect Midrange Reflex System

Reflex system with three drive units (B139 SP1044, B110 SP1003 and T27 SP1032).


Dimensions: 850 X 400 X 280mm

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Rated maximum power: 50 watts

Information and Photographs supplied by: Warren Darling on Friday 8 April 2005. For gallery of pictures click on image opposite.

Designed by Sintronics (PTY) Ltd (South African Company) and believed to be dated from the 1970's. Warren purchased them from a lady in Fareham in Hampshire approx January 2005 and was told that her husband had bought them new.

The speaker connections on the rear are not original. They did have spring connection which had one of the clips missing and so binding posts were added. Apart from that they are totally original. The stands are not attached to the speakers.