KEF-based transmission line speakers
Permission to publish photographs supplied by Scott ( on Monday 14 June 2004

Note from Scott:

"The previous owner believes they were constructed in the 90's in Sydney."

The following description was written by Scott when he auctioned the speakers in June 2004

"Custom cabinets of massive construction weighing in excess of 100kg each, with full internal bracing and baffling between all sections.

Dimensions 122cm x 64.5cm x 57.5cm

Each cabinet contains the following drivers (8 p/cabinet)

Bass - 2 x B139 In Parallel with Roll Off at 250 hz

Upper bass - 1 x B200 300 hz to 1000 hz

Midrange - 2 x B110 in parallel 1100 hz to 3.5 khz

Lower Tweeter - Etone 2.5 " Dome 3.7 khz to 6.5 khz

Upper Tweeters - 2 x Dai Ichi Titanium Dome in Parallel 7 khz and above

All Crossovers are 12db and Bi Wired between Upper Bass and Midrange

What do they sound like ?.................................

The Bass in amazing with a richness I've rarely heard. Doesn't matter whether you're playing Led Zeppelin or 3 Tenors, whatever is there will be reproduced precisely with accuracy and impact. Although I have not tested it, I suspect the bass drivers would happily blow out a candle, they move that much air ! The mids are smooth and glorious and the highs are chrystal sharp and are adjustable via a small attenuator on each. This is a speaker you can comfortably listen too at a lower volume without sacrificing anything in quality. However, when you give them some volume, WOW ! the sound will sit you back down in a hurr ! Needless to say, you will not need a Sub Woofer when listening to movies. I sold mine the day after these arrived.

I dont know who made these, but I salute them for their achievement. I have had Duntech Marquis, B&W, Polk, Electrostatics, etc etc.........Nothing matches these for sheer impact and presence. Put your favourite track on, sit back, close your eyes and you're there. Then do it again.

You will however need a substantial amp for these. Something in the order of 200 wpc starts to get them moving. I use a Phase Linear 400 which is conservatively rated at 210 wpc and it works fine. Additionally, I must advise that these speakers are extremely revealing, any substandard components in your system will be shown up instantly, as I discovered to my cost !

The speakers are bi-wired and have push in connectors."