Terry Allan's personal speaker collection

Pictures exclude three sets of Sony speakers, various other unmentionables, and others so far not photographed (an ever increasing collection).

I use Naim electronics (CDS2, XPS, NAC82, Supercap, Nap250) to power a pair of KEFKIT3 (modified). A Yahama surround sound processor aided by a Naim Nait 3 powers rear speakers (Linn Kan). I have a Rega Planar 3 for vinyl.

James Tobin supplied photographs of his Faraday Sirens which use B200G SP1075 and T33A tweeters

Note from James:

The Faraday Siren speakers have been reviewed in 'what hifi' magazine, and new models are sold online at http://www.faradaysound.co.uk

The model I have is a prototype that was sent to What hifi for review.

Jan Surewaard supplied photographs of his KEF Calinda's, Coffin subwoofer during assembly, and Cresta speaker with DN13 crossover.

Note from Jan:

I use a Harman Kardon receiver, AVR 4000 (5 X 50W) and my sub is connected to an old amplifier Marantz 140 (2 X70W).

The Kef Calinda speakers are used as the main speakers in a 5.1 system. I built a center speaker using 2 B110B speakers and an Audax tweeter. The rear speakers are Kef B110A with a T27 and as a sub I am using 2 B139 speakers in a TL system based on the coffin http://www.t-linespeakers.org/classics/coffin/. 

Gerard Slikker supplied photographs of his Rogers Monitors

 Use B139s and possibly B110s

Mark Bridge supplied photographs of his KEF Model 103.2s (11/01/2004)

Note from Mark: I managed to pick up this pair of 103.2s for just £50 around 5 years ago

Peter Buis is building a sub-woofer using a coffin style design. Watch progress on Peter's photo gallery.

Note from Peter:

I used an old Cambridge Audio PX140 amplifier and my iPod for testing.
The complete system will consist of the Coffin Subwoofer, (with Kef B139 - SP6171) powered by a Quad 606, the sattelites, of which the bass / midrange units (Kef B200 - SP1075) will be powered by a Quad 405, and the tweeters (Kef T33 - SP1074) will be powered by a Quad 303. Active filtering will probably be done by two threeway BMM DIY kits for tri -amping.

Mark Noble has supplied a photograph of his IMF TLS80s

He also includes a description of perceived differences between the IMF TLS80s and Naim SBLs which he also owns.

Roland Collaro's Transmission Line speakers

These were custom built to conform exactly to the design published by A.R. Bailey, 'The Transmission-line Loudspeaker Enclosure', in Wireless world in May 1972.

Marc Bel's Cadenzas

Bought in a flea market and brought back to life with custom built stands and a make-over.

Ser Noordam's Corellis and Calindas Photographs supplied by Ser on Wednesday 11 February 2004

More photographs coming

Gallery of photographs suplied by Edmund Hill on Wednesday March 17 2004.

Edmund has been trying to bring the Concertos owned by his father back to life. The B139s are however rubbiing and will have to be replaced.

Jim Nash supplied details of his system including speakers built by him in early 1980s - B.J. Webb’s Design Transmission Line Monitors

Other equipment includes: Rotel RCD-965BX Limited Edition; Adcom GTP-600; Adcom GFA-6000; Plaid 6-core plenum Cat-5 speaker cable (DIY); 32 Gauge Silver Interconnects between CD/preamp, and preamp/power amp; RCA 38” Wide Screen HDEF direct view TV; Philips DVD Q50; Philips TIVO; B&W center speaker

Carl Westfield's KEF 107/2s.
Photographs supplied by Carl on Sunday 1 August 2004
Also Carl's 105.4s (now sold). Photos received and scanned 18 August 2004.

Raymond Cooke Special Edition 107/2

Massive KEF-based transmission line speakers
Permission to publish photographs supplied by Scott (tradeonthewed@optusnet.com.au) on Monday 14 June 2004

Colin Royle Sunday 13/06/2004 has indicated that he has seen at least two versions of the "side to side" dual B139 and B200 transmission lines - one with a Decca London Ribbon and Decca Super Tweeter for the highs the other used five of the Shackman electrostatic panels like the B&W DM70. He thinks that the orginal TL design came from Speaker Builder.

Harry Hietbrink provided a photo and a description (Saturday 6 November 2004) of transmission line speakers he has built recently

Transmission line speakers consisting of a B139, B110 and T27

Wouter Luyten has supplied details and photographs of a project he has been working on.

The project involved saving as much as possible from a pair of old Concertos and building a new set of speakers from these items.

Sintronic SP 400 Indirect Midrange Reflex System

Information and Photographs supplied by: Warren Darling on Friday 8 April 2005.

Reflex system with three drive units (B139 SP1044, B110 SP1003 and T27 SP1032).

Cresta B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032. All pictures supplied by Jasper Joppe Geers on Tuesday 12 April 2005.

Jasper is intending to renovate these old Crestas and is looking for another pair.

Active LS3/5 Clone - A HiFi Odyssey. All information and photographs supplied by Alan Cohen on Thursday 5 May 2005

An interesting story told by Alan which spans almost 50 years of DIY in the HiFi area.

Graham Milford-Scott supplied information and pictures about his BBC LS5/2As (6-10 Oct 2005)

KEF-made BBC LS5/2As - they don't have KEF drive units (Goodmans 15" and a pair of HF1300s)

Cor van den Bogaart supplied information and pictures about his various speakers and other components on 14 January 2006.

These include IMF SACM (Bass driver IMF/Elac 128/20, Mid bass IMF/Elac 5/36, Tweeter Scanspeak 6000); IMF TLS80 (Bass driver Kef B139 sp1044, Mid bass Kef B-110 sp1057, Tweeter Celestion HF1300, Super tweeter Celestion HF2000); IMF Super Compact (Bass driver IMF/Elac 8/30, Mid bass IMF/Elac 4/140F, Tweeter IMF/Elac TW1500F); IMF HPCM (Bass driver IMF/Elac 128/20 - now B139, Mid bass IMF/Elac 4HM\L0806, tweeter Celestion HF2000)
Updated 31 March 2006 with pictures of TDL Reference speakers.

Henry Coelho supplied information and photographs of his LS5/1AC - KEF REFERENCE MONITOR LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM on 8 May 2006. More information was supplied in a post on the SpeakerTalk Forum on 8 May 2006.