Marc Bel supplied some photographs of his 1976 Cadenzas on 20 February 2004. He also emailed the following information:

"I'm a big fan of the old kef stuff. After using the 103.2 for years, I've picked up a pair of Cadenzas from a flea market and gave them a new finish, connector panel and grille. Technically they still were 100%. Also put them on a homemade stand (MDF) of 50 cm, filled with fine sand (approx. 40 kg). Sound fantastic."

Marc also supplied some more detailed photographs of his stands on 4 march 2004 along with the following information.

"They are very simple to make and they could be used with other monitor speakers as well. They consists of 5 boards, made from 18 mm MDF. The bottom plate or board is the same size as the Cadenza (30 x 36 cm) and the 4 other boards are 25 cm wide and 50 cm high. Glue them together along with some dowels that are inserted into pre-drilled holes. Then fill the seams with silicone kit or glue to make the construction more rigid and prevent the sand from running out. Make sure the speakers are put directly onto the stands. Don't use any spikes, feet, cones or whatever. They have to become one with the stands. I used a strip of 'door insulation' to connect the speaker even more closely with the stand. Most important thing with stands is rigidity and mass, and so fill them with FINE sand (make sure it's dry!) and they are sonically very dead. At first I put them on Tannoy stands. Good quality but a bit wobbly and sonically too boomy bass. Now they sound completely different. I didn't expect the difference would be that great ! From a sluggish bass they are now fast, with great attack and excellent definition in the low band frequencies."

Click on the image opposite to see more images of the Cadenzas and the stands.