Jim Nash supplied this information about his system


Jim Nash’s System

Rotel RCD-965BX Limited Edition
DIY mods: Power cord, Line filter, upgraded clock, Op-amps, diodes, capacitors, and additional damping.
Comments: Now an excellent sounding front-end. I’m now a believer in tweaking.

Adcom GTP-600
DIY mods: Power cord.
Comments: Good audio, needs upgrading for improved surround sound processing. Suggestions anyone?

Adcom GFA-6000
DIY mods: Power Cord.
Comments: Good damping, great sound, drives the Kef’s well.

B.J. Webb’s Design Transmission Line Monitors
History: Built by me early 1980’s. In grey Formica with black fronts (emulating IMF Professional Monitor look) and riding on castors.
Mods: Recent 2004 overhaul with upgraded new 200-watt crossovers from Falcon Acoustics(UK), Multi-Cat5 internal cable, new terminal posts, and hand picked unused but old stock replacement Bass(Kef B139), Mid(Kef B110) , and Tweeters (Kef T27). Cole super tweaters are original. Note the foam rings around the tweaters.
Comments: Simply amazing! What could I ever replace them with?

Plaid 6-core plenum Cat-5 speaker cable (DIY)
Wow! One of the best tweaks for me ever! This is where the tweaking all started.

32 Gauge Silver Interconnects
between CD/preamp, and preamp/power amp.
Wow! Another great DIY tweak. Hard to build but well worth it.

RCA 38” Wide Screen HDEF direct view TV
Comments: Breathtaking picture especially after a professional in-house calibration.

Philips DVD Q50
Comments: Great picture, audio surprisingly good and plenty of opportunities to tweak.

Philips TIVO
DIY mods: Additional hard drive
Comments: Changed the way we watch TV forever.

B&W center speaker.