Carl Westfield supplied these photographs of his Raymond Cooke KEF Special Edition 107/2 speakers

Note from Carl:

"This photo is my framed 107.2 Install Manual and The History of Kef Reference together with my Ownership Certificate.

The large Gold plated plaque on the top of the bass unit reads :

This loudspeaker is truly worthy of the title "Flagship"
Even today a loudspeaker which can reproduce the full audio band from 20Hz to 20KHz to within a tolerance of +/_2db is something special. Always at the pinnacle of loudspeaker innovation, Kef has embodied within this product a wealth of technology. Coupled Cavity bass loading places maximum power handling and control where musical demands are greatest. Conjugate load matching ensures the best performance from any partnering amplifier. Computer Controlled Matching of drivers and systems ensures accuracy of stereo image. KUBE bass equalisation allows extension to 20Hz in an unbelievably small enclosure. Moulded Mid/HF head assembly provides time allignment and anti-diffraction properties. Many have copied aspects of this design but this is the original. Kef Audio (UK) Ltd bring you this Special Edition as confirmation that the greatest designs in audio are ageless.
We hope that you enjoy listening to one of the World's greatest products.

Signed, Raymond Cooke
Founder and Life President of KEF"