Anatomy of the Kef Coda (original Codas)

Closed Speaker box with two drive units (B110 SP1003 and T27 SP1032)

Specification: (see KEF C Series Leaflet 10/73/C- 3)

Dimensions: 330 X 230 X 145 mm (approx)

Internal Volume: 7.26 litres

Weight: 4.9 kg each

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Specific Frequency Response: + or - 4db 85-30,000 Hz measured at 1m on the axis of the HF unit in anechoic conditions

Dividing Frequencies: 3500 Hz

Sensitivity: 19 watts into 8 ohms produces 96 db at 1 metre in anechoic conditions.

Rated maximum power: 20 watts

Room size: Up to 70 cubic metres

Information derived from From KEF Brochure 10/73/C-3 / p7

My Codas

Click on the picture above to see further images of the 'anatomy' of the Coda.

These Codas - bought on eBay (seller in Germany) in January 2004 will be re-vereered sometime in the future. Probably light oak finish. Watch this space! Pictures will be published.