Anatomy of the Kef CS7

Closed speaker box with three drive units B139B SP1044; B110B SP1057; T33A SP1074. The following information extracted form KEF document (KEF Electronics Brochure - Part No SL357).


Internal Dimensions: 779 X 304 X 334mm

External Dimensions: 815 X 340 X 380mm

Internal Volume: LF enclosure 70litres; Mf/HF enclosure 7litres

Material: 18mm chipboard

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency Range: 35Hz - 20Hz =/-3db at 2m on reference axis

Sensitivity: 87db spl at 1m on reference axis for pink noise input of 1w

Maximum output: 106db spl on programme peaks under typical listening conditions

Notes: Picture on right supplied by Colin Royle on Sunday 19 September 2004.

Picture of DN26 Dividing Network for CS7 Type SP2017/2018. Picture supplied by by Colin Royle on 13 February 2006