This area of the site is being produced primarily to create an online record of KEF products from the period of interest. It is hoped that eventually it will contain a comprehensive list of the types of items produced and sold by KEF during that particular period and it will provide technical details and pictures of these items.

Technical details of Speaker Systems

Speaker Systems; KEFKITs and DIY Designs

K2 Celeste:; B139 and T15? Weight 10 kg approx. Dimensions 15 X 10 X 8 inches approx.

Cresta: B110? and T27?

Concerto (approx 710 X 430 X 300). B139 SP1044 (later Concertos); B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032 and crossover DN12 SP1004

Cadenza (approx 600 X 360 X 300) BD139 SP1037 (earlier Cadenzas); B200 SP1022; T27 SP1032. Also BD139B SP1042 (later Cadenzas); B200 SP1022; T27 SP1032 (later Cadenzas)

Calinda BD139; B200 SP1054; T27 SP1032; DN18 SP1055. Schematic of Calinda crossover provided by Colin Royle on Saturday 31 July 2004

Chorale (approx 470 X 280 X 220) SP1016. B200 SP1014; T27 SP1032; Crossover DN13 SP1015 (also SP1046 which has greater power handling). The following information was supplied by Steve Bell on 14 January 2004. "A leaflet available from Falcon Acoustics which shows how to improve the bass output of KK1 / Chorale by the addition of an extra cabinet, effectively turning them it into floorstanding speakers. There is also a leaflet available from Falcon which shows how to upgrade the crossover for the KEFkit1 and Chorale speakers, and also how to modify to create a virtual aB tweeter section. This has a similar effect to that in the 104aB, detailed in the 'Model 104aB...a story of improvement' document already on this site."

Corelli B200 SP1063; T27 SP1032; crossover DN17 SP1052.
Colin Royle 10/02/2004 advises that Corelli last run, polypropylene cone a'la B200G and so sound is very fast and tight.

Cantor (approx 470 X 280 X 120). B200 SP1014; T27 SP1032 and crossover DN13 SP1036

Coda (approx 330 X 230 X 150) B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032; DN13 SP1035

Cresta B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032. All pictures supplied by Jasper Joppe Geers on Tuesday 12 April 2005.

104ab (approx 630 X 330 X 260) - BD139 SP1042; B200 SP1039; T27 SP1032; and crossover DN22 SP1065
Colin Royle 10/02/2004 advises that last run KEF Ref 104aB, bass drivers have SP1089 specification.

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LS3/5a - Still available from Stirling Broadcast and Richard Allan. Drive units B110 (including SP1003 and SP1228) and T27 SP1032,  All drive units were specially selected. On request John Smith kindly wrote a useful article about the LS3/5a specially for this site. In this article he provides some advice about how to build a LS3/5a. See also the unofficial LS3/5a support site which is the biggest resource of related information about this speaker.

LS5/1AC - KEF REFERENCE MONITOR LOUDSPEAKER MODEL 5/1AC - Paper supplied by SpeakerGuru on Thursday 5 January 2006. Additional information and photographs supplied by Henry Coelho on 8 May 2006.

101 B110 SP1057; T27 SP1032
KEF Reference Series Model 101 Installation Instructions. Electronic copy of booklet supplied on 18 January 2006 by Colin Royle

102 T33 SP1197; B200 SP1197; and crossover is SP2129A . Information supplied by Colin Royle 29 Feb 2004.

103 (approx 500 X 330 X 230) - B200; T52. Images supplied by Colin Royle 21 Feb 2004.

103.2 (B200 SP1075, T33 SP1074, Crossover SP1144). Anatomy of 103.2 from Mark Bridge (email and further details and Photo Gallery supplied by Steve Bell. On Sunday 10 April 2005 Colin Royle supplied a photo of a late circuit board (SN243xx) from a Ref 103-2. The two red elements in the photo are the transistor and diode packs embedded in a black brick in earlier incarnations.

105.2 (B300B SP1071, B110B SP1057, T52 SP1049, Crossover SP1119). Information and image on right supplied by Colin Royle 22 Feb 2004. KEF Reference Series Model 105 Series II Installation Instructions. Electronic copy of booklet supplied on 18 January 2006 by Colin Royle

107/2 Special Edition Photos and information supplied by Carl Westfield 1 August 2004

KM1 (4 of B300, 2 of B110 , 1 of T52, on-board amplification with eight output sections feeding the seven drive units, three-way dividing/equalizing circuits, three on-board power supplies, fluid cooled mid and high frequency units, analogue computer sensing and control over voice coil temperatures). Originally developed for the BBC as a high-level pop monitoring loudspeaker. Linked details and technical specifications of the KM1 was supplied in paper/photocopy form by Allen Edelstein on Thursday 29 December 2005.

KEF KM1 Leaflet 1. These documents which supply details, technical specifications and photographs of the KM1 were supplied in electronic form by SpeakerGuru on Monday 9 January 2006.

Carlton II ((BD139B SP1082, B200G SP1075, T33A SP1074)). Picture on right and information about drive units supplied by Colin Royle on Sunday 22 February 2004.

Schematic of Crossover SP2007 or SP2007A supplied by Colin Royle on Thursday 4 November 2004.

Caprice I SP1043 (approx 330 X 230 X 145 mm) - B110 SP1003; T7 SP1032; DN13 SP1017 - Information and pictures received from Marc Bel on Thursday 3 March 2005.

Caprice II (approx 470 X 280 X 220mm) - B200 and T33 - Image on right supplied by Colin Royle 21 Feb 2004.

Celeste II SP1107 - similar in appearance to Celeste III

Celeste III

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Celeste IV

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Concord IV (B200G SP1069, T33 SP1074) - Schematic of crossover provided by Colin Royle on Friday 13 August 2004. On Sunday 10 April 2005 Colin Royle also supplied a photo of an SP1137 circuit board used in the Concord IV (B200G SP1069 + T33 SP1074) and III. The III used an Audax treble unit HD100D25 like the Celestes III & IV.

KEFKIT1 (Chorale) baffle board (approx 450 X 260 X 100) including B200 SP1014 or SP1047; T27 SP1032; DN13 SP1046
See also Chorale above.
The following comments and information were supplied by Colin Royle 11 Feb 2004. 'The later KEF kits 1&3 were sold on moulded ABS baffles replacing earlier chipboard products. I've seen two examples of the KK1 (Chorale) - one was normal the other was a computer-matched system set, as the drivers had serial numbers. Now did the ABS KK3 (Concerto) really exist? I've never seen one. It supposedly had upgraded crossover componentry according to a KEF press release. Since both "kits" were advertised alongside the Constructor Series of designs for several months do system sets of the KK3 exist? Apparently the cheaper KK1 was more popular at this time.'

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KEFKIT2 baffle board approx (570 X 340 X 100) including B139 and T15

KEFKIT3 (Concerto) baffle board (approx 710 X 360 X 260) including B139 SP1044; B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032 or SP6535; DN12 SP1004
Also see KEFKIT1 above.

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KEFKIT Model 104ab baffle board (approx 390 X 310) including B200 SP1039; T27 SP1032; DN22 SP1065 and separate BD139 SP1042

KEFKIT Cantata baffle board (approx 660 X 310) including B139 SP1044; B110 SP1057; T52 SP1049; DN19 SP1058

Gallery of pictures supplied by Ian Khan

Constructor Series Model CS1 including B110B SP1057; T27A SP1032; CS1


Constructor Series Model CS1A including B110A SP1003; T27A SP1032; CS1A

Constructor Series Model CS3 including B200G SP1075; T33A SP1074; CS3


Constructor Series Model CS5 including BD139B SP1082; B200G SP1075; T33A SP1074; CS5


Constructor Series Model CS7 including B139B SP1044; B110B SP1057; T33A SP1074; CS7. Picture supplied by Colin Royle Sunday 19 September 2004.


Constructor Series Model CS9 including B139B; B110B; T52B. Brochure available. Pictures on right supplied by Colin Royle Sunday 19 September 2004.

Cantata - Commercial version of CS7 but with T52 (source Falcon Acoustics)

PL301 (Elector) - Less traditional design of KEF's CS9 (source Falcon Acoustics)

Schlüsselfertig includes B139 SP1044, B110 SP1003, T27 SP1032, DN12 SP1004

Type 1 Box 1: B139 SP1044 Box 2: B110 SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004
Type 2 BD139 SP1042; B200 SP1039; T27A SP1032; DN22 SP1065

Spitze (Pyramid) B139 SP1044 Box 2: B110 SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004

Type 1 Box 1: B139 SP1044 Box 2: B110 SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004
Type 2 Box 1: B139 SP1044 Box 2: B110 SP1057; T52 SP1072; DN19/20 SP1064/58

Durchblick (Transparency) B139 SP1044; B110 SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004

Schlank und rank (Slim and slender) B139 SP1044; B110 SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004

Triangel (Triangle) B200 SP1014; T27 SP1032; DN13 SP1106

Horn B139B SP1044; B110A SP1003; T27A SP1032; DN12 SP1004

Metronom B300B; B110B; T52B; CS105