Anatomy of the Kef Model 101

Closed box with two drive units (B110 and T27 SP1032)


Dimensions: 348 X 180 X 197 mm

Internal Volume: 6.7 litres

Weight: 5.67 kg

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency Range: + or - 2db 90 - 30,000 Hz measured at 2m on reference axis

Dividing Frequency:

More information: The information, pictures and diagrams following this link were supplied by Steve Bell (email on Sunday 11 January 2004

KEF Reference Series Model 101 Installation Instructions and Promotional Item. Electronic copies supplied on 18 January 2006 by Colin Royle

Click on the picture above to see further images of the 'anatomy' of the Model 101' - supplied by Steve Bell (email