Picture of Speakers

KEF Cantor speaker pair

Specification Number: 1033

Date of Production: 13/07/1972

Finish: As per photograph (probably teak)

Grille cloths are discoloured. They really need to be replaced. Other small marks. KEF logos still attached. 3/10

Speaker cable attached.

Speaker 1: Serial Number: 2973 - This speaker is in reasonable condition. Slight chip on top left hand side - at join of upight and top piece. Bottom left hand corner has bash but it is located in a place where it may not be too noticeable. 7/10

Speaker 2: Serial Number : 2974 - This speaker is in fairly good condition. Very slight chip out of top left corner on front edge. A few small dents on top front edge. Small dent back right top corner. Very slight chipping of veneer at back left on vertical edge. 7/10