Description - INCOMPLETE

Picture of Speakers

KEF Cadenza speaker pair

Specification Number: 1024. Has BD139 SP1042 AB; B200 SP1022; T27 SP1032

Date of Production: 1975 estimate based on production date of tweeter

Finish: As per photograph (probably teak)

Grille cloths remarkably good. KEF logos still attached. 7/10

Speaker cable sockets at back.

Speaker 1: Serial Number: 51224 - This speaker is in quite good condition. Very slight chip on top rear - very back. Two small marks on left hand side which may polish out. Few scrathes on bottom. 9/10

Speaker 2: Serial Number : 51085 - This speaker is in fair condition. Chipping down right hand side front edge. A few small scatches on right hand side. 7/10