If you have cherished KEF speakers and you wish to replace items which are faulty, or if you wish to build speakers using KEF drive units and you cannot obtain the items you want, let me know and I may be able to help. I may know of individuals who have spare units or I may know of a contact who can provide the required item(s). I wish to enable the 'recycling' and continued existence of KEF systems from that period. In the Forum anyone can also advertise items for sale or exchange.


KEFKIT1 (Chorale) baffle board (approx 450 X 260 X 100) including B200 SP1014 or SP1047; T27 SP1032; DN13 SP1046

To come

KEFKIT3 (Concerto) baffle board (approx 710 X 360 X 260) including B139 SP1044; B110 SP1003; T27 SP1032 or SP6535; DN12 SP1004

To come

KEFKIT Model 104ab baffle board (approx 390 X 310) including B200 SP1039; T27 SP1032; DN22 SP1065 and separate BD139 SP1042

Baffle board not available.

To come