This area of the site is being produced primarily to create an online record of KEF products from the period of interest. It is hoped that eventually it will contain a comprehensive list of the types of items produced and sold by KEF during that particular period and it will provide technical details and pictures of these items. Apologies for any inaccuracies or errors. I would be pleased to hear from you if any such mistakes are identified.

Technical details of KEF products

Old KEF Logo

Documents, leaflets, construction information, technical specifications, instruction booklets.

Articles from journals, magazines and papers.

Drive Units and ABRs Including B139, BD139, B200, B110, T27 and others.


Speaker Systems Including Concerto, Cadenza, Chorale, Cantor, Coda, 104 and others. Information about non-KEF speaker systems such as the Linn Isobarik, Linn Kan and the LS3/5a - all of which used KEF drive units.


My speakers, drive units, crossovers and other bits and pieces