Purpose of this Website
hifiloudspeakers.info is a site which has three main goals. These goals which are purely hobbyist and non profit making are:

  1. to provide information about early KEF speaker drive units, cabinets and crossovers;
  2. to provide a forum facility for people interested in KEF speakers;
  3. to facilitate the continued use of used KEF speakers, drive units and crossovers.

More details.........and important note

Above: KEF Cadenza from 1973

Individuals who can contribute information, data and photographs are encouraged to email enquiries so that the information can be made more widely available through publication on this ste.

Personal Treasures

Falcon Acoustics New Website

Falcon F B110 8ohm KEF B110 SP1003 Replacement Pair News

I have had an interest in KEF speakers since 1976.

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Important Note:
Anyone engaged in breaking up perfectly good vintage KEF speakers should read the linked note.

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This site has no connection with and no commercial interest in KEF Audio.
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